I lend you my voice, so that you can sound your best to your foreign audience.

English to Romanian Interpreter in Vienna


You organize a congress for an international audience. Most of them speak "some English". That is unfortunately not enough to put your message across. And you do not want to let language ruin an otherwise excellent event. As a German and English to Romanian interpreter (and viceversa), I help you speak the language of your audience with 0 effort from your side. You do what you know best, and I make sure that the communication runs smoothly.


Do you organize a conference? Simultaneous interpreting from a sound-proof booth might be the best option. Are you a small delegation that needs spoken live translation at a bigger event? I can sit next to you and offer you whisper interpreting so that you do not miss out on anything. Do you have to sit at a negotiations table with your business partners? I will grab my notebook and offer you consecutive interpretation. Do you need a English to Romanian interpreter? Or someone able to work in both directions? Read on to find out what type of interpreting is more suitable to your needs.
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Even if we are in different locations, I can still help you speak and understand the language of your audience. In our day and age, this has been made possible thanks to specialized remote interpreting platforms or hubs. I am a trained and seasoned remote interpreter, who can help you communicate successfully at an international event, workshop, webinar or business meeting, despite the geographical distance.

how to work with an interpreter?

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting (SI) is the ideal solution for bigger conferences, congresses and events, where many participants need interpreting services. As the name suggests, I interpret while you speak from a sound-proof booth at the back of the conference room. The participants can hear your speech in Romanian or German in their headsets. Since SI requires very high levels of concentration, two interpreters are needed for each language pair.

What is consecutive interpreting?

When I provide consecutive interpreting (CI), I usually sit next to or behind you and take notes. After 2 to 5 minutes, you stop speaking and I render your speech fragment in Romanian,  German or English accurately. I am able to do that thanks to a special note-taking technique, which helps me recall every detail and nuance of your speech and by training my short-term memory constantly.

What is whisper interpreting (chuchotage)?

When only 1 to 3 participants at a conference or meeting need interpretation, the easiest way to accommodate their needs is by providing whisper interpreting (WI). In this case, I sit next to the person (s) who need my services and I whisper the speech into their ear while the speaker keeps talking. Loud enough for them to hear, quiet enough so that I do not disturb anybody else in the room. In this type of interpreting, no special equipment is involved, but there are usually two interpreters needed for longer assignments.

I need an interpreter. What do I have to do?

Give me a call or send me an email specifying the date of your event, the topic and the venue. You will then receive a non-binding, transparent quote from me within the next 24 hours (usually much sooner).

I need interpretation into several languages. Can you help me?

While I personally interpret into Romanian, German and English, my network of vetted professional interpreters can help you with most European languages. Let me know more about your event, and I can help you put together a team of competent conference interpreters.

How much does an interpreter cost?

Interpreting assignments are charged depending on time. You can book an interpreter for one or two hours (for short assignments), half a day or a full day. Bear in mind that you need to book two interpreters per language pair. Get in touch with me to get a personalized, non-binding quote for your specific event.

Is remote interpreting cheaper than on-site interpreting?

In times of COVID-19, the demand for remote interpreting (RI) has increased more than ever. Contrary to popular belief, remote interpreting is (and should) not be cheaper than on-site interpreting. The interpreters prepare as much and as long as they would for an on-site assignment. 

Moreover, they also have to dedicate special attention to the equipment and ensure that there are no technical hiccups. A remote interpreter has also probably invested some extra money into professional remote interpreting equipment. Therefore, there is no reason for RI to be cheaper than on-site interpreting.

Why do interpreters need to prepare?

We, interpreters, lend our voice to politicians, scientists, TV hosts, public speakers and many more. All these people are experts in their fields and an interpreter's job is to render their words with 100% accuracy, while paying great attention to all nuances. 

In order to do that, we need to prepare before each assignment. This includes going through all provided materials, looking up names, concepts, vocabulary, listening to speeches our speakers have delivered in the past, so that we can do justice to the person to which we lend our voice.

How can I help my interpreter (so that they can help me)?

I wrote a comprehensive article on this topic. You can read it here.

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