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Speak your customers' language and reach international marketing success


From the "Read More" button to metadata - you can be sure that every element on your website is adapted accordingly to the target language and culture.


I use my cultural, linguistic, and digital know-how to produce copy that engages your visitors and keeps them coming back for more.
Romanian website translation and localization


A Romanian website translation to conquer the hearts
and pockets of your customers. 


What languages can you cover?

While I personally translate only into Romanian and (Austrian) German, by working with me you get access to my network of professional linguists specialized in UX/UI localization who can cover most of your language needs.

How much does it cost to translate a website?

It goes without saying that a one-pager will be less expensive than an e-commerce platform. Book a free 30 minutes' consultation with me and tell me more about your website, your mid- and long-term goals and needs. You will then receive a transparent, non-binding quote within the next 24 hours after the consultation, which applies only to your specific project.  

How long does it take to localize a website?

I know you have heard this answer a million times, but I have to do it: it depends. First of all, it depends on the size of your website, type of text (certain texts cannot be simply translated, but rather transcreated - which takes up more time than a simple translation), number of languages etc. After you tell me more about your project, I include also a project timeline in my quote so that you have a clear overview of the task.

I want you to translate my website into Romanian. What do you need from me?

First and foremost - the URL of your website or the copy in any format available to you. Secondly, I need you to tell me what you want to achieve with the translation, what your target audience and ideal customer looks like and if you have any budget constraints. Based on this information, I will send you a transparent, non-binding quote and a project timeline within 24 hours after our talk.

Do you also integrate the translation in my CMS?

I can help you integrate your Romanian website translation in your WordPress backend by using plugins such as WPML or Polylang. Nevertheless, this is an additional service I can provide and it's not included in the translation fee. 

Can you do keyword research?

Absolutely and not only! No piece of content should be written without figuring out first what the user intent is (a.k.a. what the user actually means when they look up certain words or phrases).

Does localization mean that you will change my website completely?

By no means. Localization implies adapting a text that was written with a certain user in mind, who speaks a certain language, and lives in a certain culture. To make the same text have the same effect on another user from another country and culture, who speaks a different language, you have to adapt it to avoid cultural and linguistic awkwardness. This does not mean producing a completely different text, but a text with the same message and feel that works for your target audience abroad. 

Can you also help me with my marketing collateral?

As a marketing translator, I would be glad to help you translate and adapt your landing pages, e-books, infographics or any other branded content to makes your ideal customer abroad fall in love with your brand.


Book a free consultation with me and let's talk about how you can achieve your business goals. 

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