and help you venture into the Romanian market with confidence.

Specialist fields

Do you need to translate a catchy slogan, an engaging product presentation or a beautifully crafted brochure? Look no further. I can make your copy read and feel like an original.
A business proposal, financial report or market analysis? I use my linguistic and cultural expertise to help you seal the deal with your business partners. 
I help universities and ed-tech companies reshape education in the 21st century, and make it accessible to a broader audience with the power of language and cultural awareness.


In today's highly interconnected world, translation is not an option, but a must-have for growing businesses. Loyal customers, who value quality and expect nothing but an excellent customer experience, appreciate it when brands speak their language and care about their culture.
Poor translations speak volumes. They ruin brand reputation and make users, customers and partners lose their trust in your company.
With such high risks, you do not want to let anyone but a seasoned linguist and cultural expert touch your texts. 

I need a translation

What languages do you translate into?

While I personally translate only from German into Romanian and vice-versa, as well as from English into Romanian and German, my network of trusted language professionals can cater for your needs in most European language pairs.

How much do translations cost?

Let's put it like that: if you only want to understand a short email from a business partner, it costs nothing. Google Translate does a decent job in this case. If you have a pile of documents you do not care much about, but need to be translated as a pure formality, someone on Upwork or Freelancer.com would be happy to do it for a couple of bucks. But if you want to translate a landing page, a creative product description or a website to conquer a new market and boost your revenue, you want someone to care about those texts as much as you do and make sure you meet and exceed your KPIs. A high quality translation that maximizes your ROI has its price. Get in touch, tell me about your project and you will receive a transparent, non-binding quote within the next 24 hours.

When will my translation be ready?

After you tell me about your project (scope, goals, special requirements, time constraints etc.), I will send you a quote within the next 24 hours. The quote also includes a project timeline.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I receive payments via bank transfer and PayPal.

I need a translation. What should I do?

First of all, get in touch with me. You send me the text, tell me more about your goals, needs, target audience and deadlines and I do the math.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

Maximum 24 hours after our discussion / after I receive your mail with all project details (but most of the times much sooner than that).

I need a translation on the same day. Can you do it?

Depending on my availability on the said day and on the length of your texts, I might be able to deliver your translation on the same day. Just give me a phone call to check my availability. A rush fee of 25% to 50% applies to this type of projects.

I have sensitive documents for translation. Can I trust you?

As a member of the Austrian Interpreters' and Translators' Association, I adhere to my profession's code of ethics. I am not just someone who happens to speak a couple of languages, but a professional linguist committed to maintain high standards of professional conduct. You can safely entrust me your sensitive documents.
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